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Cafe under the stars-Van Gogh


Van Gogh loved the southern sky, especially the different shades of blue, just like the bright yellow of the earth under the sun. He often skillfully mixes these two colors to make the painting bright and colorful. Here, Van Gogh presents the exterior of a café, with its bright lights shining on a cobbled square. In the deep blue night sky, the stars twinkled like brilliant lanterns. The whole picture exudes a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which is in sharp contrast with the interior of the cafe he painted.

Painting: Café Terrace at Night under the stars
Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Year: 1888

• UV high-definition color printing:
Water repellent, strong shelf life, not easy to fade

• Number of puzzle pieces:
Size #1 (14.5*23.8 cm)
About 150 pieces

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